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DPD have given us further updates regarding their services and COVID-19, this time covering Contact Free Delivery.

contact free delivery - update

We’ve improved our contact free delivery process to include photo capture proof of delivery. Your customers will not be asked to sign our handheld units and our drivers will take a photo of the parcel at the point of delivery.

See DPD’s new signature screen below.


This now forms our proof of delivery process for all deliveries until further notice.

mother's day

Over the Mother’s Day weekend we saw record-breaking service levels while delivering 280,000 parcels to happy mums throughout the UK.

our people

We are doing everything possible to support our people and we are sharing advice and updates with them on a daily basis in order to keep them as safe as possible.

We will continue to keep you informed via our daily bulletins and regular updates to our website. We have also updated all our app users regarding the new contact free delivery process.

UPS Europe – COVID-19

23rd March 2020 | Courier News, COVID-19 Updates | No Comments

UPS safeguards against covid-19

Last week we received a message from the president of UPS Europe highlighting the main priorities and safeguards put in place to help combat the current epidemic. See what was said below.

“Our highest priority is to maintain the health and safety of our people, customers and suppliers, while meeting our service commitments. UPS has implemented a range of measures in line with World Health Organization guidance to minimise the risks for employees and customers.

These include:

– Encouraging employees to familiarise themselves with information on COVID-19, and to consult with doctors immediately if they feel unwell

– Informing employees about its symptoms and methods of prevention and detection; in particular, reminding employees of good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing and strict adherence to our social distancing guidelines

– Expanding the use of home office and teleworking where operationally and technically feasible

– Implementing an isolation period for employees who have returned from high risk areas

– Advising against all non-essential travel

– Customers are no longer obliged to sign for deliveries, with the exception of some specialised deliveries where we have a contractual obligation to get a signature.

Despite the recent border closures in many countries, we are still able to fulfil shipments for our customers, except where we may be unable to deliver due to exceptional government restrictions. With 112 years of experience and a smart global logistics network that carries 3% of the world’s GDP every day, UPS has a strong track record of keeping deliveries moving in a crisis situation. In Europe, we have invested $2 billion in enhancing our network and services over the last four years. These enhancements give us the flexibility to mobilise dynamic contingency plans to manage and mitigate supply chain disruption”.

Parcelforce COVID-19 Update

20th March 2020 | Courier News, COVID-19 Updates | No Comments

Changes to parcelforce's delivery procedure in relation to signing for and receiving items in the UK

In order to protect both their people and customers as much as possible, Parcelforce will not be handing over their hand-held devices to customers to capture electronic signatures.  Their drivers will instead log the first and last name of the person accepting the item, then put ‘XP1’ in the signature field, and then will record the geolocation of the delivery.  This will apply to all deliveries that normally require a signature. 

If recipients are unable to come to the door or are self-isolating, Parcelforce will post a customer contact card in the normal way, advising of other ways the recipient can arrange to get their item. For example, by getting a friend or family member (who is not resident with someone who is self-isolating) to collect the parcel from their local Parcelforce depot or Post Office branch, as specified on the card.  They will need to bring along the card that was left and a form of ID in the name of the person the item is addressed to.  Examples of suitable ID are specified on the card.

Suspension of UK service guarantee

Due to the current situation, there are significant impacts on Parcelforce’s ability to maintain all their usual service levels. They will continue offering their services, receiving and delivering parcels for their customers but there may be disruptions to some services under current conditions.

As a result, Parcelforce have now suspended their service guarantees but will seek to ensure ‘all reasonable endeavours’ to maintain service levels where they can.

The actions being taken are:

Same day ad hoc collections will be suspended, however you can still book an ad hoc collection for the next working day.  Parcelforce asks that parcels are immediately ready for collection so that they can be collected as efficiently as possible.  

Timed services will be reviewed and where possible maintained but you will be informed of restrictions. Changes may be staged as the situation evolves, keeping next working day morning services in place for now.

contingency plans

In the event Parcelforce need to close one of their sites, this decision would be made in line with Public Health England guidance. Parcelforce Worldwide has many years’ experience of contingency planning for a number of different scenarios. Parcelforce will follow the Government’s advice and work closely with the relevant authorities.

Not only that, but Parcelforce has extensive experience in being able to quickly deploy business contingency plans so they can continue to provide customers with access to their services.

signing for and receiving items

In order for Royal Mail to protect both their people and customers as much as possible, they are minimising contact during delivery.  We will not be handing over hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures but instead log the name of the person accepting the item.  Additionally, for all customers that need items delivering that won’t fit through your letterbox, Royal Mail will place your item at your door. Having knocked on your door, your Royal Mail delivery driver will then step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. This will ensure your item is delivered securely rather than being left outside.

special delivery guaranteed by 1pm

For items posted from Thursday 19 March 2020 onwards, Royal Mail no longer guarantee deliveries by 1pm the next working day. They’ll still prioritise Special Delivery parcels and letters and will aim to deliver by 1pm or before the end of day. Resource implications of the latest coronavirus advice means we may not be able to meet the customer promise of guaranteed next day delivery in all locations at all times. 

Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am service remains unchanged; we still guarantee to deliver by 9am.

We have recently received news from DPD regarding some updates to the current Coronavirus pandemic, which we would like to share;

DPD has implemented extra measures in response to COVID-19 to ensure extra protection for us, our clients, customers and DPD themselves. The latest update is below.

At present DPD can report that their parcel collection, sortation and delivery operations will continue as normal.


Contact free delivery is now DPD’s standard process and customers will not be asked to sign any handheld units.


DPD have introduced a delivery wave program with drivers, creating a 10-minute gap to avoid too many drivers being together at critical times in the morning.

They are also implementing a Peak period5-6 day working structure that will give them maximum flexibility and allows for driver and warehouse absentees.

Cleaning has been increased throughout the business as a preventative measure.

Full home working is being undertaken across the business for all roles that can work from home.

Measures have been introduced to support self-employed drivers should they need to self-isolate.


On Wednesday Transport for London announced there would be a partial shutdown of 40 London Underground stations from Thursday morning.

Therefore DPD have immediately implemented a response plan – which involves car sharing and hiring minibuses to support people getting to work.

“We are doing everything possible to support our customers and our people so that we can minimise any disruption and continue giving you and your customers the best possible delivery experience” – DPD.